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It is our responsibility in modern times to practice sustainable stewardship of our natural and renewable resources.

Ride shotgun with Master Trapper Dan Wagner to learn how to maximize efficiency on the wilderness trapline. He will show you how he applies his proprietary "1 % theory" to the trapline and produce more fur per unit of effort. 

With over 35 years of trapping experience, including past President of the Maine Trappers Association, he will show you the tricks of the trade for consistently producing 10-20 animals per day, every day. Learn how to keep catching fur even after the ice drives most trappers to the couch. 

Dan has produced some unparalleled solo Maine catches including 40+ beaver a day, 121 beaver a week, 25 marten in a day, 31 mink in 2 weeks, and 41 otter in 8 weeks. Partnered in the 2012 season for over 950 beaver! 

Target beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, marten and fisher in a gated, 3 million acre trapper’s dreamland.

For $4950, you just need to bring your waders, sleeping bag, and clothes for this week-long trapping blitz in November or December. Keep all the fur you catch. For 2 people, $7500. All traps, equipment etc. provided. Custom packages available contact us for details. Come witness and contribute to the very profession that helped found this great country. Our experience, passion, and integrity combined, provides you with an opportunity that has no peer in the trapping world today.

One day pull, end of the season, 2020. 

Lifetime member of both the NTA and MTA

Come experience

 the tradition of

 North Maine Woods