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deer hunting


3 days fri sat sun

$1500 all inclusive

may 19, 20, 21 2023

on location, 

allagash woods

*custom weeks and rates available for groups, call to inquire


learn how to turn


into this!!

using the

 abilities god

 gave you


this is not your typical storytelling, learn how to identify buck sign and push them to your buddy tutorial .

think outside the box!

discover how to:

- single out and kill a specific buck

- cook 3 excellent meals a day over an open fire

- properly heat with a woodstove (48 consecutive years living in tents, camps and dwellings with wood heat)

- load, unload, strap, enter and paddle a canoe properly without ever tipping (from 7 time national canoe racing champion)

- read buck travel ways regardless of snow conditions or lack thereof (living off grid and off the land for 14 years had its advantages!)

-how to maximize efficiency and get the most bang for your "buck" on your 6 day tracking hunt. (most of us self employed deer hunters can pick and choose the best days out of a deer season to track down and kill a buck in optimal conditions.) these conditions rarely occur for a full 6 day hunt! very important subject, be sure not to miss it!!

(Secret! not everyone was born with the fortitude and ability to live on mountain dew and snickers and walk dark to dark every day!)

- tracking a buck is 90% mental and 50% physical - yogi berra (or someone like that)

tracking 2.0- discover your ability to manage/reduce mental fatigue while on the track and transform it into physical endurance to finish the day

learn the very methods i use myself to extract the most out of what abilities you have as a person (and that everyone can do this!) by:

- "prioritizing the buck"

- eating properly the day of and days prior to a hunt

- what foods to eat or avoid in the months leading up to your hunt (very important!!) to drastically reduce aches and pains associated with walking uneven terrain all day every day

- employing the "pick and roll" on a buck that is buried in doe tracks

- new tricks directly from younger , up and coming major league deer hunters in person!

- GPS selection and inreach use

- proper socks, footwear, baselayer, outerlayer, hats, gloves that will keep you hunting

wool is not a good base layer!!

- how to keep your mind positive and stay in the game (can't kill one at camp!)

- outfitting "the rig" (tire chains, etc)

- shooting 3.0 (bring your gun and 1 box of ammo) 

- do 100 things in the course of a day 1% more efficiently and produce 100% more results! (proven fact)

and finally, learn how this is not just about hunting and how to apply these very same tactics to your daily life and improve your quality of life exponentially

- become more self- sufficient in securing your own protein, rather than always relying on a supermarket

thank you,

registered Master maine guide with 33 confirmed whitetail buck kills, and counting:

Dan Wagner

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have rather talked.”

                                                            -Mark Twain